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Members of my family have been active in the traditional diamond trade since 1992, and have an office in the most famous diamond district in the world, on 47th Street in Manhattan. Of course, that’s lovely, and even slightly legendary. But modern and progressive? Not really.

I, Karina Yudelson and founder of Cloud 9, grew up to be a sales professional. Since I was 18 years old, I have worked in sales; first as a car dealer, then as a real estate agent. Technological and futuristic elements were always my focus. When I went to Israel in 2019, I became increasingly involved – inspired by my family history – with lab-grown diamonds. My own desire to enter the future-oriented diamond business grew. After my son was born, I knew it was time to build my own company, one that would invest not only in my future but, above all, in my child’s future. Fundamentally changing the diamond market became my mission, and combining beauty with sustainability seemed to be the right way.
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And so CLOUD 9 was born. I bid goodbye to the old family business and the real estate activities, and looked forward. There, where the future lies, sustainability is at home and modern technology can work its magic. In keeping with the zeitgeist, I devoted myself to the possibilities of high-tech industry and put together a talented team of plasma physicists and plasma chemists.

CLOUD 9 currently offers the purest and most highly coloured diamonds.

They are created using the CVD process

The secret to our diamonds’ quality lies with our highly gifted and highly qualified colleagues – whose extraordinary talent and technical ability can only be found in Israel – and, of course, with our Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He is a professor of applied physics and worked for decades in a plasma propulsion unit for space travel. CLOUD 9 benefits from his ability, knowledge and experience, which enable the company to radically differentiate itself from cheap manufacturers. For those of you who know Breaking Bad, our CTO is the Heisenberg of lab-grown diamonds. Made in Israel stands for premier technical leadership and the most remarkable know-how that humankind has to offer!

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Our technology

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