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Diamonds of tomorrow

Green energy, electric cars, organic meat – all over the world, people have been buying more consciously and sustainably for years.

In the future, this will also apply to diamonds.

Why non-conflict diamonds?

Natural stones, mined under the worst conditions for humanity and nature, are from yesterday and no longer compatible. That’s why – years ago – we decided to focus on conflict-free diamonds from the laboratory. Their cultivation doesn’t harm the environment, finance wars, or exploit anyone.


Land, water and air pollution

Diamond mining creates deep craters, which lead to soil erosion and air pollution from stirred-up dust. Long-term agricultural damage is the result.

The earth is deprived of necessary nutrients. For decades, the mining areas cannot be used because the arid topsoil does not permit cultivation.

Why lab growing diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds Natural Diamonds
Emissions 0.0028 grams per carat 57.000 grams per carat
Water consumption 1.619 litres 93.389 litres
Land used 0.0001 hectares 0.1771 hectares
Energy 0.036 gigajoules 104.79 gigajoules
Destroyed earth 0 KG per carat 250.000 KG PER CARAT
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